Meet Norine.

Norine has had a love for art making for as long as she can remember. “I can see it coming to life”, her mother would say as she scribbled away in her coloring book. As she grew older she continued to appreciate how art was like a spoonful of sugar: it made the hard stuff a little more digestible. In college, Norine focused on doing just that; she highlighted issues such as reproductive rights, diversity, and representation in a space where such issues are more difficult to address. Norine graduated with a concentration in design and product innovation in 2017. Now she wants to bring her unique perspective to the world of advertising. Norine’s work is quirky, sometimes nerdy, and almost always satirical. She has come a long way from coloring books but she still finds a way to color outside the lines.

Imposter Syndrome
Hill's Dog Food Redesign
Down There
Children's Book
Commarts Collective
B(l)ack in Action
Frostbite 15K
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